party on

going to the bar without drinking is like going to the movies without popcorn.  in fact, i wouldn't recommend it.  for all the things that are a little better, prettier, funner, smoother to roll off and easier to stomach with a couple of ice cold beverages in you, there are all the things that abrade, irritate, and consternate without that good old lubricating fluid.  just one of the things i am discovering, as i take a little vacation from the stuff.  so yeah, i'm basically straight-edge.  which is difficult, but has it's merits too.  i'm shooting for thirty days...three down.  you may ask yourself, self, why would she go and do a crazy thing like that?  well, the other night james and i had one too many.  either that, or our bartender was extremely generous.  either way, the next day was a disaster.  we both felt like hell warmed over.  me and james both.  microwaved marshmallows.  and i had a hasty realization while praying to the porcelain gods:  i haven't taken much time off of the stuff since i started on it, nearly ten years ago.  yes, this month i turn thirty-one, which marks the ten year anniversary of the fateful day that i was let loose in a bar.  on that day, the party began.  and i think it's safe to say, that party hasn't really stopped....i guess, until now.  i guess it's safe to say, ten years later: it's time for a change.  time to corral those wild horses.


  1. nicely told. and i feel like somewhere in your story, i discovered it was your birthday... so happy birthday wishes. may these next 30 (27) days go smoothly for you.

  2. man oh man jess, i am feeling that today. celebrated the end of corporate employment last night only to feel like more of a schmuck this morning. boo hiss. maybe i follow your example. xoxo