list number two

tomorrow, i'm orcas island bound to record an album with the daffodils.  you'll have to go on without me here in cyberworld for a few.  i'll catch you up on all the news when i get home.  for the time being, another list.

twenty things i would like to do before i die:
1. get a passport
2. leave the country for a spell
3.  see a whale up close
4.  learn how to use a weaving loom
5.  visit a psychic
6.  go on a pilgrimage to joshua tree
7. publish a book of my mother's artwork
8.  rescue a donkey that will be my pet
9.  adopt a child who needs a mom
10.  eat a mango, avocado, and coconut off of a tree
11.  get rid of my cell phone and computer
12.  see all of my favorite paintings in person and visit all the best museums
13.  play a concert in front of a thousand people
14.  have a big art show at a prestigious place
15.  save the lives of many animals
16. be married to my husband for the whole time
17. own and drive a "beater-classic" car
18.  master the drums
19. own a dog that fits in my purse
20. reach enlightenment

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