all in a day's work

not quite finished.  but almost.

the first half of today, i spent sorting and pairing lonely socks, foggy from last night's honky-tonk bonanza, remembering moments, snippets... a sea of Hawaiian shirts, a full dance card of waltzes tangos and spins, singing a gram parsons number with the band, passing the hat...and a late night dinner at home to polish it all off.  phew.  the second half of today, i spent working on this little lady.  

this painting is my first experiment with "open acrylics", which stay wet and workable longer than your typical acrylic paint because they have no drying agent.  it was lovely to not have the fumes of oil paint hovering around me as i worked, and even lovelier to clean my brushes in a jar of water, not solvent.  these paints don't have the pigment, depth, body or saturation of oil paint, but with a little finesse, i could still make them perform, a worthwhile compromise in the journey to eliminating the toxicity in my art-making.

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