i awoke this morning to the sound of rain.  i had a premonition that my painting had washed away, washed down the storm drain into the slough and out to the ocean.  this is because last night i hadn't quite let the thing dry and was so excited by my idea to hang it on the telephone pole graffiti style that i just went straight to it.  i guess i'm just impulsive like that, not really thinking things through before execution.  and so when i went out this morning in the wet road, wearing my jammies and bare feet, the painting had in fact washed mostly away.  luckily, when you paint a painting every day, losing one to the elements is more of a romantic notion than a real blow.  i pried the canvas down with a cat's paw, examined the direction of the raindrops like hatch marks and how it had scraped the paint away in spots, leaving others, gathering at the bottom of the canvas in thick drips.  after letting it dry by the woodstove, i  proceded to paint it all over again, the same nest but different, a hummingbird nest that my little buddies wiley and nathan found in the street and kicked around until they realized what it was, then brought me as a gift.  so i repainted it, plus did another  painting of the same nest, on wood this time, for good measure.  these i will let dry thoroughly before hanging on telephone poles.  and for the next couple of weeks, if you see a lot of bird's nest paintings here, or up in edison, you'll know why.  i'm creating habitat.

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