useless/use less

james and i are collectors.  or rather, we are bottom feeders.  we take the castoffs, the refuse, the unrecyclables, the broken pieces, the discards....all in hope of making good on it some day.  because garbage is relative.  and trash is a state of mind.  and all of it needs to change, now, and on a global level.  so me and james, we collect.  we have barrels of foil balls, plastic caps, crushed cans, boxes upon boxes of fabric scraps and yellowed old newspapers, vintage magazines, toilet paper tubes and rolled up maps, all waiting for their moment to shine.  we have coffee table legs and broken rocking chairs and dismantled pieces of this and that.  and some day, these things will be art projects.  or maybe not.  but they wont end up in the landfill.  no, because that's our entire objective here at the lucky dumpster:  to use the useless.

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