the future


the puppies are learning.  potty-training, sitting, laying down, and staying.  the word no in deep booming voice.  what good boy means.  and they can almost fetch.  during a sunny day in the backyard, i throw a chunk of a stick.  they will run for it, clumsily, enthusiastically pick it up, it fills up their entire mouth.  they bring it halfway to me, then get distracted by the other's antics, dropping the stick entirely to chew on their brothers ear or hind leg.

sometimes i am like that puppy, getting halfway to the finish line of some project before dropping it entirely to pursue something else.  

having puppies has taught me many things, but one thing for sure:  set lots of goals,  but set small goals.  set attainable goals, write them down.  cross them off, one at a time.  and most of all, slow down, for all good things come in time, with patience.  and some day, a long long time from now, you will look back on it all thinking how it went by in just the blink of an eye.

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