i'm starting to figure it out.  how to live right, that is.  or rather, how to take care of business.  and how not to drive myself crazy with minutia.  it's not so complicated, but somehow, it's always eluded me.  here, i'll give you an example:  

i was tired of washing dishes.  we don't have a dishwasher, we do it all by hand.  it seemed to me that every day they piled up: in the sink, on the counter, everywhere.  especially silverware. and no matter how hard i tried to stay on top of it, it was like a plague.  the pile would grow and grow.  in a tiny kitchen, this just doesn't work.  so i started to observe my own behavior.  what i found was: every morning, when i went to use a fork to mix the cat food, i grabbed it from the drawer and then tossed it in the sink.  so i thought to myself:  lets get to the root of this problem.  i went through every cupboard and drawer, and filled a big box with give-aways.  things i didn't need.  things that were redundant.  i kept a small set of silverware in the drawer, four forks, four spoons and four knives, and hid some extras away, just  in case of company.  and now, suddenly, it's much easier to do the dishes.  

in short, this lesson can be applied to many areas of life.
1) simplify.
2) repeat as necessary.


  1. Another solution somebody I know has come up with- just get your husband to do the dishes. I do em 2, mebbe 3 times a day- its amazing how many dirty dishes one wife can generate- and voila- no pile.

    1. not sure that would fly around here ;-) but at least you have a dishwashing machine to aid in the process!

  2. Yeah, but I wash the dishes before I put em in there, in hot water and soap. I dont trust them newfangled contraptions.