today in conversation, i was explaining why i started the one-a-day up again.  i compared it to exercise.  i found that when i worked out my "artist muscles" regularly by painting every day, it was easy.  i had a flow, and found that i worked faster and better than ever.  ideas kept coming, like the siphoning of a hose. but as soon as i stopped, i stopped. i took a long break, a six month break.  i hardly picked up a paintbrush, nor did i have any desire to.  trying to start again was nearly impossible, excruciating, painful, like the first day of athletic training after a long summer off.  i looked at other people's art longingly.  i was out of shape.  i had disappeared.  where had i gone?

needless to say, it feels good to be back in the saddle again.  the work is different, new.  it references all sorts of disparate influences throughout my life.  i feel more freedom to change from day to day.  i'm not so terrified by a blank canvas.  i don't need to paint it exactly how my eyes see it.  and more than ever, i see my mom coming through, clear as a bell, in the nuances i've developed, the tricks i learned as a little girl watching over her shoulder, as she carved in ivory or washed in watercolor.  no mom, i haven't forgotten.   i'm just beginning to realize, to see her influences carved into me, in the same way the ocean carves the sandstone rock walls: slowly, yet determinedly, dramatically, over time.


  1. A good reminder... thanks for the inspiration. You are creating wonderful artworks, as well.

  2. Ooh her hair becoming waves is wonderful! I'm happy you're doing these again.

    Drawing is like exercising, good to do everyday. I wish I exercised like i draw. Maaan i'd be so fit! My daily drawings are not usually for myself, so I don't hold them in very high regards. Maybe I should rethink.

    1. hmm that comment was from Jessica Lynch btw, it marked me as unknown :(

    2. gosh, i would be thrilled to see your daily drawings, your work always inspires me, to loosen up my hand especially.