signs and signals


 I'm one of those people who searches for signals and signs from the universe to guide me through my day to day.   This, in a nutshell, is why i'm starting up the project again.  Let me explain.

Just yesterday, James and I were walking the puppies in the fallow and marshy duck fields a couple miles from home.  It was a normal walk, just like any other walk, except it was sunny and warm, the novel feeling of spring after a hard winter, with a sudden show of dainty wildflowers as far as the eye could see.  Otherwise, it was just like any other walk, with our two four-month old puppies, sunny-boy the color of a roasted marshmallow, flopping enthusiastically into the black green rank-smelling drainage ditch, and samish, the tri-color, eating leftover rodent entrails left by some feral yet picky eater.  

Our morning walks are where we talk, get some fresh air, hash things out.  So i was discussing the possibility of starting up the one-a-day project again.  Walking south towards the sun and our trusty van,  talking, talking, and suddenly something takes flight! We had spooked a short-eared owl, just five feet away, nearly scaring me out of my pants, unmistakeably weightless in the air under the power of its wings.   Continuing, we spooked another, this one so close i could feel the wind of its wings.  It was then i knew.  

I looked down to find a nest in the grass with two precious white eggs.  Magic. We quickly corralled the dogs and headed out as fast as we could, making sure the owls could resume brooding over those delicate and vulnerable eggs.  And it was then that i knew. I knew it was time, time to resume, to start the next chapter of my story.


  1. That is so cool, Jessica! I've searched and searched, but have yet to find a short-eared owl nest. Have you been back to see if there are any owlets?

    Making my way through volume 2. Glad to see you're at it again. Keith and I keep hoping to attend a Daffodils show, but always seem to be out of town at the wrong time. Would love to see you again one of these days.

    Wendy (owner of the immortals)