cat crazy

5" x 8"
collection of j. tofe

anyone who knows me knows i'm cat crazy.  recently, i lost my cat grey.  i was a total train wreck.  afterwards, i couldn't handle the silence.  i went directly to the pound and found a new companion. i named her chachie. 

chachie was sleeping when i first saw her.  she was the last cat we looked at.  easy to overlook, just a black fuzzy thing, paying no mind to any of the crazy dogs or even crazier people barking and moving frantically about the humane society.  i poked at her foot to try to wake her, and decided in a last ditch attempt at companionship we would check her out in a private room.  she was alert, attentive, super chubby, with a fanny like a black bear.  when i scratched her, she instantly started humming like a little volkswagen beetle, marching her two front feet (with goofy tufts of golden hair sticking out between her toes) up and down, up and down: making biscuits, as david says.  she had been in a cage for six months, but was brushed daily by a sweet woman who cried tears of joy when i said, finally, i want to take chachie home.

yesterday i took chachie in for her first tune-up in who knows how long.  it began as a simple ear cleaning, but the other day her front tooth broke and was sticking out like a tiny toothpick.  turned out that chach not only had a severely stinky bacterial infection in her ear, but had some serious teeth problems too.  all said and done, she had to have seven teeth pulled.  i couldn't drag the minutes by fast enough to get through that long appointment. i literally almost passed out in the waiting room from the stress of it all.  a pretty penny later, chachie is a new woman.  phew.  she seems better already. 


  1. Last night I was thinking that you seemed like a new woman too. Or at least renewed, something like that... proving once again that caring for others can sometimes be the same thing as caring for ourselves.

  2. I share your adoration for all things feline, almost psychotically. (I've got a biscuit maker by my side right now.) Bless that sweet Chachie and her stressful doctor appointment!