a meal

5" x  7"

it was one of those "oops" moments.  i left the door open to the pantry at my dad's house when i went up the street with my pal shirley.  amy, the golden lab with the heart condition, got to the lower shelf of said pantry and had herself a hearty meal. She obliterated (with the help of Buddy Lee and Scout): one bag of brown sugar, a box containing Special K cereal (including cardboard), one package of spaghetti noodles, one package of white sugar, and one bag of flour.  some dogs just can't help themselves!  she seemed fine for a while, but tossed her cookies outside.   in her sleeping quarters, she sounded somewhat like a college kid after shotgunning one too many pbr's:  breathing heavy and whimpering for mercy.  which not only makes me feel horribly responsible, but somehow makes me thank my lucky stars that i'm not the college kid i once was, on the floor, sweating and panting after one too many of this or that.  

here's a painting of a tiny heinz 57 bean pot, one small fragment of a collection of hundreds of pots in various sizes, shapes and colors that were collected by my folks.  you can tell i've run out of steam when all i paint are simple round objects.  oh well, what the hell: it's something.  goodnight y'all.

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  1. I love that you let yourself do something simple. I love that I am looking at those colors and that texture on that little bean pot painting, which did not exist before. I love that I'm reading your words too!

    Safe travels!