missing you

8" x  10"

i miss portland in the same ways i miss drinking coffee.  i miss the highs, and i miss the lows.  i miss the buzz, the crash, the confusion, the frantic running around like the proverbial chicken. i miss pulsing with an energy that is totally unnatural, yet intoxicating, fun and exciting.  i miss portland, and i miss my coffee in the mornings.  

these days i live in a rural area.  i wake up early, i drink tea, i go to bed early, i move slowly and methodically through my days, chiseling away at the notion of creating a life with longevity.  i see how i've slowed down, and i can feel how badly i needed that change.  when i lived in portland, shit was hitting the fan, and it was dire:  never enough time, never enough money, hand-to-mouth, broke all the time, frantic and stressed out.  but man, did we have fun.  i went to shows, i drank, i partied, i danced, i mingled, i saw art, i made art, i shopped, i ate every kind of food, i people-watched, i watched the landscape change as the city grew hipper, more fashionable, more desirable, and crazier all the time. so much happening, all at once.  it was a total clusterfuck, and overstimulating in all the best and worst ways.

but more than the city, i miss its people.  i miss my regulars, my neighbors, the folks i would see almost every day. those people were my semblance of community.  i left, and i haven't looked back much at all, maybe because it's painful, maybe because i spend so much time looking ahead.  but today, i miss those people, my people, a lot.

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  1. your people are missing you too sister. love, portland and labryntine xo