watercolor on paper
8" x  10"

growing up, my mom always had the best art gear.  i could go into her studio with any project in mind and walk out with exactly what i needed to get the job done. and done right.  she took a lot of pride in her technical prowess, and her mastery of technique was something she worked hard at.  when mom passed on, she passed all her supplies on to me.  and still, like the slacker i truly am, i found myself using the wrong paper with the wrong pencil and a poor excuse for an eraser.  the paint didn't flow correctly, the graphite lines smudged and smeared, and i was laboring over the simplest of tasks.  so i went to the store and got the watercolor block.  i took the plastic palette from storage, and filled each little indented box with paint from the right color tube. each box on that palette my mom had delicately transcribed with the specific color in beautiful tiny hand-written letters.  suddenly, it all seemed right:  with her silently coaxing me in the right direction,  i feel like i'm getting somewhere.


  1. looking at your mom's art work i am reminded of the small bird we found yesterday on best road. it has a broken wing and we took it to wolf hollow. i felt so honored to be that close to a wild bird and to observe it intently.

    i appreciate artists who look closely and with intent at the world and then recreate it for the rest of us to ponder and be inspired.

    both you and your mom have created inspiring images. thanks for sharing

  2. You sure are getting somewhere. You have my new favorite blog! :-)