5" x  7"

some days there isn't enough time to do everything.  you run out of day.  the hours jog fast laps around you, taunting "neener neener!", and the list grows wild like blackberries.  some days you forget the list even exists, or at least pretend to forget, just to give yourself a break.  but it finds you again, that pesky list, running like a stock ticker in your head, after you've arrived home from a long day of gallivanting. you're back to the grind all over again.

doing a painting a day is like having a new pet to take care of.  it's easy to forget it's one of your new chores until you get into the routine.  it takes a while to get to know.  and when the routine is impossible, it just is, and you have to call for reinforcements.  either that, or apologize profusely when your care is haphazard, rushed, or simply overlooked.    today, i went about my day as if i were on vacation.  at 9:30, wiped out from the heat and driving and a full day of thrifting in far-off lands, i didn't want to do a painting at all.  but i did anyways, i picked the simplest thing i could think of, just to go easy on myself.  because we all deserve a break sometimes, right?


  1. your version of a "break" is too genius for me! ;-) Exercises in simplicity often turn out to have their own kind of gorgeousness.

  2. sometimes you just gotta wave your cowboy hat in the air and gallivant the shit out of a day.