good morning

8" x 10"

the mornings here start out foggy, cloudy and grey on most days.  maybe it's the ocean's fault, her misty breath like a blanket over us,  or maybe it's because our valley is snuggled up against the hills. either way, the morning here is drawn out like a slow symphony that builds and crescendos to chorus.  and then it comes, and morning has broken,  like the medicine you've been craving your entire life:  the gift of a sunny day.  coastal weather plays tricks like the cheshire cat, and i've come to appreciate the drama just as much as the sun.

this little bar of sunlight soap spoke to me. back in the old days, packaging was simple, and said what it needed to say.  back in the old days, and in some places still, life revolves around the sun: the growing seasons, the length of the day, the tides, the heat, the light... all setting the foundation for what life will behold.  in the morning the sun rises, you wake up, you wash yourself in sunlight.  it's not only a brilliant marketing scheme, it's a way of life.  the sun, it nourishes you, and every morning, you grow bigger and better than you were the day before.  

so for today, for you, a challenge:  grow a little, make the world better,  make it more beautiful.  somehow, someway, make art.  make it in your own way.  and then make a habit out of it.   you will blossom.   like that field of blossoming potatoes, there lies a bounty of food deep beneath the surface, just waiting to be harvested.

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  1. Jess, your blog is already amazing. I love it! Love you too. xoxok