sometimes you just stare at the screen. it stares right back at you. it's a staring contest. fun.  you gaze into its eyes and it gives you nothing in return.  you say, hello screen, how are you today?  nothing.  you say, hey screen, what's cookin?  any ideas for what you wanna do?  nothing.  and still, you continue look at the vapid emptiness, the screen,  waiting for inspiration, waiting for your mind to tell your ass to get off of itself.

i wrote one story today already, then erased it.  now i wish i had it back.  it was too cheery. the mood wasn't quite right, so i deleted the damn thing.  i know that it was about laughter, and fun, and the healing powers therein. and then there was this video,  it's always good for a humdrum day.  but i deleted the rest.  oops.   

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  1. Dangit, just like blogger deleted my comment! You gotta copy and paste those entries into another document, that way you can change your mind at will or just revise the cheery right out of them if need be. :-)

    Thinking of you tons here at this writing conference. It takes a huge act of faith for you to show up at that screen every day and I love you for it.