put it off until tomorrow

collection of rose melberg

i guess you could say that i'm a procrastinator.  yep, that's me.  i wait until the very last minute to do the things that need to be done. there are always other things to do.  there's no way to accurately plan or prioritize when life is a self-dictated, untangle-able ball of yarn.  and besides, planning gets in the way of spontaneity. so by the time i get to it, a once seemingly simply task, a mere obligation, has typically grown to enormous proportions in my mind.  i'm sure that i've stressed, i've agonized, i've worried, i've put it off enough to let the damn job consume me. but then magically, i crank the living daylights out of this job, in a mad frenzied hurry, just to get it off my plate.  and somehow, defying logic, the job gets done, done well, and done in a fraction of the time it would have taken me otherwise.  because i've thought it through.  to the average person, it may seem like if i started early and took my time i would be happier.  but in all honesty, i like this side of me.  it's a thrilling, hold-on-to-your-hat way to be.  because life is like a rodeo:  you hang on tight, you try not to shit your pants. get er done.

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