good times

reserved for j. turic

it's that time of year again. my livelihood takes a turn, and i get a few requests for commissioned paintings that will make the perfect christmas gift for that special so and so. it may sound cheesy, but its the bread and butter of many a painter. these projects are so individual and specific, they provide a healthy challenge. usually the work is representational, mostly portraits, perhaps a dog or cat in the mix, often times from a childhood photo yellowed by the years, or of a building that marks a special occasion or favorite memory. all in all, i love these times, i love that i can do these paintings, i love that these projects are so personal and full of meaning.

this is little jimmie turic preparing for a swim. he commissioned the piece as a gift for his mom. jimmie told me he would like to harness the energy of this little kid in the photo: ready for anything, here for the experience, and fully committed to having a good time.

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  1. Jessica, my mom died on this day. She was 84 years old, ready for anything, here for the experience and fully committed to having a good time. Thanks for the picture and thoughts. They were just what I need. Take care, ellen