sometimes life is just too much.  so you curl up tight.  you're a potato bug, hard shell exterior facing out towards the cruel world. you close your eyes inside the blackness and solitude, and wait for the storm to pass. you're hoping not to see the worst, hoping not to uncoil too soon for fear of being injured.  and then someone comes.  they find you and they pick you out of the dirt and they put you in the palm of their hand.  and they sit as still as they can, delicately breathing.  they watch, and wait.  they wait and wait for what seems like an eternity and they don't make a sound.  the stillness lasts, and in the comfort of the stillness you open your shell a bit.  you find a soft solid platform, a palm beneath you, and you open more still, stretching your legs in the comfort of their calm, in the shadow of their body,  not realizing you are being held so gingerly by something so much bigger than yourself.  

this is the story of a love, the love that saved me, a love for today and for all the days to come.

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