spaced out

it's not unusual for me to get in over my head.  this week, i feel as if i did just that.  i planned a costume party, and then i planned a trip out of town on the next day.  i planned to make three costumes, and do a painting a day, and do all my chores like laundry and grocery shopping. i planned more paintings on top of that.  i planned a concert, and i planned band practices...i planned and i planned and i planned.  but in the past week, in an attempt to fulfill the plans i've made, i've had a compulsive eye twitch plus a cold.  not to mention, there are the things you can never plan for.  like when or what day my poor old dog will want to head off to that great dog park in the sky.  sometimes i catch myself lately, standing staring, wondering what's next. sometimes i'll walk back and forth three or so times, forgetting why i'm going in either respective direction. i've made a terrific mess of the house and left no time for any kind of break, save the five hour train ride tomorrow.   but that, i'm looking forward to.  a mandatory break, a chance to stare out the window, watch the world go by, and space out for a while.  in fact, i'm pretty sure it's just what the doctor ordered.

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  1. By my calculations a 5 hour train ride would end in Portland, Oregon. Is this true?