in a tiny town with two bars, you can usually count on one thing:  surrounding most national holidays, town will be filled with drunk people and loud cover music.  on a weekend such as this particular halloween, it seems like people also take the opportunity to party as much as possible.  that means partying like it is halloween, the day before halloween.  furthermore, what that also means is on saturday, half of the people in town will be dressed like complete morons, like they lost the most horrible bet of their lives and this costume is their punishment.  the other half will look somewhat normal.    it's pretty confusing to everyone.  this was evidenced tonight as james and i were walking down the street to check the scene at the edison, the tavern at the south side of town.  walking down that quiet and dimly lit street in the middle of nowhere, we were followed by six ladies who had just left longhorns, the north side bar.  now lets get one thing straight:  these girls were hardly wearing anything. what they were wearing could possibly be construed as slutty cat, slutty french maid, and slutty devil, plus some other slutty indeterminables.  "i had to get out of there.  those creepy old guys were looking at us." i heard one say.  "yeah, they were looking at us like we were prostitutes!"  one exclaimed, apalled and disgusted.  but really girls, seriously?  you're upset about being objectified?  i'd say, judging by your costumes, and how much skin you've exposed, you made your own bed.  truly, how were the poor old fellas supposed to react? and whatever happened to a little old-fashioned modesty?


  1. And whatever happened to celebrating Halloween on Halloween? I'm very confused about "Halloween weekend". I'm not a big fan. Also, those girls were only grossed out because of "old" men. I wish I could have been there dressed as a slutty boxer and beat the crap out of them. Happy Halloween pal! I love you!

  2. isn't it odd and sad how we only consider attention a compliment when we are equally attracted to those attracted to us?

    but i do think those slutty costumes gave the old guys at the bar a nice treat! some eye candy for hallow's eve!

  3. Hey, I was one of those old guys and those girls were prostitutes, I can prove it.