nice catch

9" x 12"
collection of j. reisen

some days you can taste the magic in the air.  today was one of those days.  i have a sense of things getting better, and easier.  yes, i think i can feel the ship mellow, starting to ease straight and steady after a stormy tumult.  it's a major relief to the captain and her crew.  together, we weathered the storm.  and now, for the much deserved calm.  but first, a brief list of a few of the things that made today wonderful (in no particular order):

baby enzo was born, or is born, or is in the process of being born.  

iris adopted purdy the widowed cat.  purdy loves her new cush pad.  iris sent me a photo of purdy the no-longer widowed cat, first thing in the morning, curled up sleeping sound.  both individuals are happy with their new situations.

wiley and nathan, two eager young boys, visited me in the store.  i sent them on a mission to secretly tag people with clothespins.  wiley and nathan returned from mission covered in clothespins from head to toe (lips, ears, noses and glasses included).  two clothespin-covered boys enthusiastically posed for photos by heather.  same two boys wearing two fake fur mustaches (that heather mysteriously unearthed from her pocket) posed for more photos.  

watched james piece together fishing spinners in the morning over tea by the woodstove.  painted three of those spinners for today's painting.  james then caught two giant wild silver salmon with aforementioned spinners from the samish river.  afterward, james returned two live wild silvers to said river.  

 went for a brisk walk in the dusky fog.  cooked dinner in a clean kitchen

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