it's not everyday you get hired to cut up a hundred dollar t-shirt.  so i guess i was a little apprehensive when i put the scissors to work the last several days, cutting and stitching away on a plain, heather-grey, rodarte t-shirt.  the shirt is for my client paige, who works closely with jeffrey deitch.  deitch recently took the reigns of MOCA in la. and paige will be attending the opening for the rodarte show at MOCA, chatting with the ladies of rodarte, wearing that shirt...  that shirt which i've cut to shreds, then woven and sewn back together, meticulously beaded and sequined and appliqued, that shirt unto which i've hand-stitched hand-dyed vintage lace.. the shirt is scarcely recognizable anymore, after all of my dirty work.   what better way to pay homage to rodarte, which consists of two self-made ladies, making waves in the fashion and art worlds by pushing the boundaries of textile.  i feel honored to participate, to collaborate, if only vicariously through a t-shirt.

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