postage paid

today's real victory was a diorama made out of a cardboard box for JINX gallery's mail art show.  it was a last minute addition; the show opens this friday.  for my piece, i finally put to use some newspaper clippings i had been storing for over two years.  the newspapers were discovered long ago, beneath the carpet when we gutted the upstairs in our old portland house. they were from the christmas season, somewhere around 1950, yellowed and brittle.  when we discovered the papers, i felt as if i'd struck gold.  i was able to glean from the advertisements that television had just become a hot commodity because nearly every ad was for a different tv.  i dug through the pages to find as many as i could, cut them all out meticulously, and snuggled them away with other flotsam into an envelope in a flat file.  today, i finally found a use. i mounted them on manila folder, cut them out, used corks to space them out at different distances from their background, and made a three-dimensional collage with a produce box.  i wrapped the front in clear plastic to form a screen, then brown paper and packing tape, addressed the thing and drove it to the post office.  the postman was amused, and set it aside so it wouldn't get kicked. or even worse, sent to everett.  

so if you happen to be in bellingham this friday for the artwalk, you can go visit my piece, and watch my band the daffodils play! all this and more, at JINX.

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