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you know you're officially out of your twenties when you start complaining about bodily aches and pains.  this year, at the ripe old age of thirty, i have struggled with sore feet, sore wrists, sore hips, a sore back, sore shoulders, and a sore neck.  in chinese wisdom, this could mean my kidneys and liver are tired, or that i'm hanging on to emotional baggage.  in western medicine, they might tell me any number of things to get me to start taking pain medicine.  not gonna happen.  even though i may rough it up once and a while, this body is a temple, and i have to live here for a while.  either way, i'm starting to realize why, at ninety four, my great uncle earl says his trademark norweigian phrase: it's rough to get old.  health and feeling good is something i just don't take for granted anymore: with the prevalence of diseases like cancer in our society, i don't feel quite as invincible as i used to.  still, it's difficult to make all the right choices for my body...i know the old addage is true.  you are what you eat.  i keep telling myself:  cut out the caffeine, sugar, dairy, high fat processed and fried foods, and alcohol...drink more water.  lots more water. a sip is not enough.  take your vitamins, eat your greens. exercise. stop stressing out.  when i follow my own recipe, the aches and pains magically start to dissipate, and i feel great.  shouldn't everything in life be so obvious.

informative blog entry by karin taylor wu

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