reserved for shirley t.

 one of my favorite parts about here is the vantage points.  atop the hills that surround the valley, you can see out for miles.  it makes you take a deeper breath, and quiets the inner beast, seeing out that far does, that endless ocean kind of far, infinity far. for me, the natural beauty somehow has the power to make everything okay.  today, driving west down bow hill, the sky was illuminated creamsicle orange, the setting sun glowing through a snow drift in the sky thick like ice cream, with just a sliver or bright shining ocean, a bracelet of gold, peeking through at the bottom.  and i found myself saying aloud, wow.  nature is pure magic; there's no way my amateur poetics could do it justice.  it's beautiful here, beyond words, every day.   



  1. i love those moments of grace that sneak up on me when i need it so badly that i am completely unaware that i need it. it's always out in nature's beauty where, as you said it so exactly, she "quiets the inner beast" for me.