some days

some days are not made for painting.  some days are instead made for doing the dishes while james cooks fried eggs, then video latin dance aerobics followed by a bath.   some days are made for baking chocolate cake and making hummus simultaneously whilst drinking black tea and spacing out to the sound of water dripping off of the metal roof.  some days are made for closing the store due to a snow day, even when there ain't no snow,  then attending two baby showers in one night. yes, some days should be spent holding babies on your lap and eating more sweets than you should be allowed to.  days like these, they aren't made for painting, so forgive this sad excuse for my one-a-day, rushed and poorly executed. yes, it's so bad, i won't even show you the whole thing.  because, in the words of my video aerobics instructor:  "not all days are created equal."

luckily, there's always tomorrow.

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