there are very few people in this world i dislike.  then there are the certain folks that get completely under my skin. for all the people in the world i love madly and deeply, and they are plentiful, there are a measly 1% that drive me absolutely batty.  in fact, those are the people that tend to preoccupy my mind with negative and bitter thoughts, all day long if i let them.  i feel my blood start to boil and curdle.  i know it's an unhealthy weakness, but hey: i'm human.  and usually, to my credit, it takes an awful lot of oblivious recklessness, self-centered narcissism, or greedy selfishness for someone to rattle my cage.  the worst part being: they usually don't even know they're doing it!  it's a true feat of meditation, telling myself again and again: let it goyou're not in charge of anyone but yourself.  because really, truly, its my own damn fault if i let someone else's actions or attitudes stress me out, get my goat, or ruin my day. i know. i should never give anyone that kind of power over me.  in the words of Gandhi: “Whenever you are confronted with an opponent, conquer him with love.”  easier said than done, mr. mahatma, but i'll sure try.


  1. In this day I walk away from fear and doubt, and walk towards Love and Trust." ~ Angela Marie King

    Compassion speaks to the idea that someone taught them these behaviors, and I always try to see how they must surely be struggling with their journey when it causes such tensions in their surroundings.

    If nothing else, just kill them with kindness.

  2. it's true, so true. hard not to let our own anxieties get the best of us.