clean sweep

i've determined that if you watch enough episodes of hoarders, you're gonna want to clean your house.  throw in a little pawn stars and american pickers, and you'll want to sell some stuff too.  after a week long television marathon at dad's house, i came home wanting to do just that.  but the age old question we all ask ourselves at the beginning of a vast cleanup project is:  where do i begin?  often times, the answer is, i'll just shuffle things around until it starts to make sense, amounting to a lack of real direction.  where oh where is a professional organizer when i need it most?  today, i started rearranging the studio, sorting through stuff and filling goodwill boxes.  i quickly realized something:  organization takes time, and tools, one of which is good organizational furniture, shelves and drawers and things like that.  it also requires patience, diligence, and a devout willingness to part with things, something i've never been so good at.  in an attempt not to get discouraged, i sorted a few things into a new red computer disk, designated the drawers to specifics, gave away a coffee table, threw a bunch of clothes in the giveaway bozes....and then as ADD set in, moved on to something else entirely: making a new house for the baby ducks.  it was fun, watching them run around in their new expansive space.  yes, i want my house clean and sparse, like theirs.  biting off a little at a time seems like the way to go about it, but as scavengers, the speed we accumulate things outruns the rate at which we can give them away.  more objects enter our doors than ever leave, and i've got a sinking feeling that policy has got to change.  boy, it seems like this whole organization thing could take forever.


  1. we probably should have stuck with What Not To Wear.

  2. hey babe.
    just wanted to let you know i featured you in a little creative blogger contest :)http://www.bluepea.net/2011/04/i-like-this-lots.html