all in all

the most embarrassing part of today was getting our debit card declined at the gas pump after just spending our last fifteen dollars on six boxes of hostess donuts plus two boxes of ding dongs for the art reception.  now who's the ding dong we thought to ourselves, embarrassed at our lack of money management and other adult lifestyle planning skills. we coasted down chuckanut on fumes, crossing every one of our fingers toes and even our legs for good luck.  we made it home by the grace of god, grabbed some money out of the jar, that jar that is so reassuringly tactile at times yet so inconvenient at others, and held our breath for the last ten miles from home to the gas station. phew. we made it, by the skin of our teeth. nothin like a good old adventure to raise the blood pressure.

so after a long few days and nights of art show bonanza, we drove home tonight in the dark to find a welcoming bar staff and some of that down-home cookin from across the street.  they treated us right good, we filled up with all kinds of curly fries, happy to be in our home turf.  entering our house, cold and dark except for the black fuzzy kitties wrapped neatly in their boxes, the carnage of art projects half finished and supplies gone wild looked a lot like a battlefield.  yes, the house is a complete disaster, i can barely lift my eyelids to type this, and could hardly keep the brush from falling out of my hands to paint this measly spoon.  but all in all, in the end, it was well worth it.  the art that drains also sustains.

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  1. Ah, Jess. I would have happily lent you some gas money. You guys made so many trips, just to hang the show for me...it's the least I could have done. Well, I guess the actual least is nothing, which is what I did, but I'll plead ignorance. Just know: I'd have syphoned gas from a cop car for you, if asked...but I'm not very sneaky. I'm a slow and clumsy flee-er, so I probably would have been caught and then requested a "one a day" painting of an old gas can, once released from the clink.

    Aaannnnd: "the art that drains also sustains". I may have that tattooed on me by the time I see you guys again.