when someone tells me it's about to snow smack dab in the middle of spring, damn right i get a little grouchy about it.  because i'm sick and tired of being cold, of wearing so many layers underneath my pants that my pants don't even fit around them.  i'm burned out on lighting fires or tending to lit fires, tracking sawdust in and out, in and out.  but even more so, i loathe forgetting about fires only to find that they are already burned out.  being cold is not glamourous, or comfortable, it's downright tense.  living here, in this drafty old barn, i've definitely grown thicker skin in my dealings with inclement weather, but still... it's not thick enough.  winter should be over by now, the crops are late, and by god, the farmers need a break.  frankly, snow is not welcome, and talk of it goes about as far with me as a dead baby joke.  

but lo and behold, the last few days, when we surrounded by hail storms, snow drifts and funnel clouds,  edison was shining in a glorious rain shadow.  i guess that will teach me to listen to rumours about the weather...or rumours regarding anything else for that matter.  no complaints here!  it's the freakin banana belt! so much so that i found me a new swimsuit at a local thrift establishment, and was able to try it on without freezing my buttcheecks off!  and today, as i was outside for a spell, just me and the baby ducks basking with the chirping birds, on a business phone call, the woman on the other end of the line sounded shocked: "oh my gosh i can hear a bird chirping!  are you outside?  how warm is it??"   why yes, i'm outside, i said.  in just my sweatshirt.... and no, i'm not even wearing socks, i didn't say. 

summer, i hope you're ready for me, cuz i'mma ready for you. i can see it now:  me, running barefoot on a sandy beach.

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