i always get a good dose of tv when i'm visiting my dad.  for a hippie girl like me who swears off the things, it is a guilty luxury to stay up late after everyone's asleep, drinking tea with the dogs and watching trashy reality programming.  it sure feels like a departure from the days when "coming to town" meant going out every night and partying like a madwoman with the homies, staying up till two or three,  sneaking in trying not to rustle the dogs or parents, feeling hungover  lousy the next day, and trying my hardest to pass a self-inflicted misery off as the stomach flu.  nowadays, my homies drink tea, go to bed early and swear off late nights and the hard stuff. truth be told, i was a little disappointed i couldn't rally the troops tonight,  but i guess there are some virtues to growing older, laying low and being more moderate... like feeling healthily wholesome, optimistic and energetic.  maybe this time, with scarcely more planned than long walks, lunches, and positive family time,  my visit will actually be relaxing.

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