cause for celebration

today, i'm a little under the weather.  days like these, drizzly and grey, i can never quite get warm.  days like these, my outfit leans more towards pajamas than sophistication, and i hover near the fire most of the day.  days like these, comfort comes in the form of strong black tea, stretchpants and rich foods.  today was easter, the holiday i don't really celebrate and forgot entirely about, until sweet ol' james presented me with my "easter basket"... not a basket at all but a little brown box filled with the loveliest cheesecake ever made, the size of a small plate, just perfect, all for me.  i love cheesecake, i'll eat it for breakfast lunch and dinner if given the chance.  this one was made by jim at the fabulous farm-to-market bakery in edison washington, home of the best cheesecake i have ever had the opportunity to taste.  all day, i took to it in tiny slices, savoring every bite until i had eaten almost a third of the thing.  made me forget about the rain, forget about my cold, forget about my woes and worries for gosh sakes!  hallelujah! i don't really tend to celebrate easter, but i'm my mother's daughter after all: i'll take any opportunity i can to celebrate cheesecake!

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