beneath it all

reserved for a. werder

 some days are charmed.  last night leading up to today were particularly so, making up for all the preceding moments full of moody malcontent.  thank you universe, for starting me off on the right foot, for keeping me optimistic and productive and in a darnright sociable good mood, for making my interactions with the world stimulating, inspiring, and full of positive reinforcements, for helping me understand why i am who i am.  it's not always easy, but it is always worth it.  so go ahead: bulldoze through the bullshit and reveal that solid foundation hidden beneath it all.  

today's chance visitations to the lucky dumpster (how in the world they got here, i don't know, but thank you dear lucky stars for gracing me with such brilliance):
the lovely musicians:
rose melberg
darren hanlon
talented artist
jill bliss

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