how to be an artist

reserved for s. russell

this is a motivational speech.
and a recipe for success: 

as far as i'm concerned, if you decide you're an artist, you are an artist.  i mean, that's the advice my mom gave me.  so it must be true.  yeah, it takes some work.  like my old painting professor said one day in class, "if you really wanted to be an artist, you wouldn't be here.  you'd lock yourself in a room and you'd be working".  so yeah, it takes lots of patience and diligence, but it's just like anything else that's worthwhile in this world.  i don't think i have ever been asked once for my degree, or any kind of proof that i went to school for art, not once, not in any of the jobs i've had or opportunities i've earned as a professional artist.  because the proof is in the pudding.  i work my ass off, and that's that. i repeat what works, and i eliminate what doesn't, in an attempt to create the perfect formula.  i read books.  i seek information.  i observe.  i ask for advice.  i practice, and i practice, and i practice some more.

so in conclusion: 
we're all artists in training. 
every last one of us.
seek and ye shall find.

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