a love letter

reserved for p. senter

i must be doing something right.  in the last three days, i sold twelve one-a-day paintings.  a few were sold online, but mostly i sold them the old-fashioned way, through the store.  i put a small basket on a table at the lucky dumpster so folks could easily thumb through them all.  i was dumbfounded and amazed by the positive response.  as a result, i'm feeling wholly encouraged and super motivated.  today, i would like to offer a hefty thanks to all y'all who take the time to look at this thing:  it makes me feel so proud to hear you say, "i love your blog,", honored to see you sharing it with your friends, and so grateful that you would take the time out of your busy lives to look.  every day, when i sit down, i do it with you in mind.  these paintings, these words, are for you.  honestly.

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