leave it to me to ruin a perfectly good thing.  you see, making yourself do a painting a day has a way of taking some of the fun out of it.  yeah, there are still days when it's just right: the music is right, the light is right, the motivation is right, the supplies are right...and it really shows up in the work.  those days, i create works of art.  then there are the other days.  because not all days are created equal.  and so some days, like today for example, i wait until after i've worked on other crap all day and gone to a party and eaten too much dessert and then i realize i ran out of paper and it's about all i can do to not have a tantrum all over myself.  you've heard this one before.  so here it is:  a half-assed sunset painting reminiscent of a hawaiian shirt on a dirty corner scrap of paper from a photo i took of the la brea tarpits in los angeles.  a sunset, with the silhouetted trees and reflection on the water, is about one of the simplest things you can paint.  in fact, it's kind of like a big  Rorschach ink blot, or the finger paint and folded paper experiments i used to do when i was little.  which brings to mind an artist i remember loving, who started every drawing from smashed paint in a sketchbook. yes, that is something i should try.  one thing leads to another, a little velvet underground comes on the radio, and i decide to take my own Rorschach test, just for kicks.   it told me that my sickness quotient was 77% and that therapy would be useful."1)You work very slowly. In fact, if you went any slower you'd be in reverse. 2) Everyone likes you. This is because your life is such a mess that everyone else is relieved they aren't you. 3)  Your personal motto is "What doesn't kill me makes me stronger." Wrong. What doesn't kill you usually makes you hurt all over and go "Owie!" ".  okay, so i wasted ten minutes on some crappy excuse for Rorschach when i could have been working on art.  whoops.  i promise tomorrow's attempt will be better.

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