i'm not sure exactly what happened.  but i went from being a non-knitter to a knit-a-holic almost overnight.  i knit my first hat in three short days, now i'm well on my way to finishing my second.  it's a new kind of escapism, perfect for those dull winter afternoons in the store or evenings in bed with a fire.  it puts me in a bit of a trance and scratches my obsessive compulsive side.  it is also one of the reasons i had a hard time doing my painting yesterday.  and today.  i was knitting instead.

i joined a local ladies knitting circle some time ago, not as an excuse to knit, or because i knit at all:  i didn't. i wanted to get to know some ladies, and maybe drink a little whiskey and shoot the shit.  but in that circle, i saw knitting and crocheting elevated.  i was jealous of everyone's pattern-following prowess, and their collaboration over questions of complex construction.  impatient with my own project that lasted over a year and went nowhere, i quickly finished the edges and went to ravelry in search of a pattern.  and i realized:  the potential is endless.

which brings me to knitta.  i've seen those brightly colored knitted cozies around telephone poles in bellingham and portland.  maybe they were made by the notorious yarn-bombers called knitta, maybe knot.  but all i know is:  edison needs one.  seeing photos of the knitted r.v.cozy, the bus cozy, the bicycle cozies, and other jaw-dropping projects, i now want a cozy for everything.  i adore this new modern hybridization, a perfect combination of craft and graffiti, domesticity and guerrilla art.


  1. !!!! YES!

    Also, just wait til you experience the combination of knitting + movies. MwaHahahaha!

  2. Love it!!! Another knitter. Just wait until the dyeing, spinning, and weaving bug hit you! I have succumbed to spinning ( I LOVE my wheel) and have dabbled in the dye pots but so far I have kept off the weaving bug. I can feel it circling though. I blame it all on Ravelry!

  3. yay jb! I am such an on again-off again knitter, can't follow a pattern worth shit, but I have quite a collection of yarn. want some?

  4. yes please, i want yarn. i see a terrible addiction coming. i am a wool junkie.