to see or be seen

well, it's official: i am utterly and completely wiped out.  i hung more pictures today than anyone in their right mind would hang in one day, and i'm still not done.  there's more yet reserved for tomorrow, which is also opening day.  so if you happen to be in that cozy northwest corner of washington state called bellingham, and happen to have the evening free, please do stop by and see me, i'll be tending my wares at the JINX artspace, the perfect sort of setting for an anti-establishment kind of girl like me.  and if you're feeling extra saucy, get some handcrafted spaghetti at the Table, there you will find the fishermen and banjo picker in my oil paintings staring straight down your blouse.  until then, adieu.

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  1. Best of luck with your show wish i could be there. bet its going to rock... Darrin