found photo and sugar

when larry was moving out of the barn and going through his stuff, he pulled out a stack of photos from a professional photo studio he used to work at.  he thumbed through them one by one, show and tell, laughing at each, telling me the story of how his buddies used to save the only the weird ones, just for him.  by weird, i mean, or dare say, that larry and i shared a cynical and twisted sense of humor, and found many of the same ironies of life sickeningly humorous.  these photos were a perfect muse.

for a long time after that those photos sat, in a golden yellow peachee folder on a desk. he left them lying around just long enough for me to covet them, hide them, and for those photos to make their way into a secret spot where i put my collection of found photos.  in that collection, there lie the families i never had, the trophies i never won, the deep sea diving suits and beach cabanas of lives i've never lived.  

for quite some time now, i've had an ongoing love affair with photos of people i don't know.   looking at these old photos and into the eyes of people i've never met is a type of voyeurism for the imagination, the beginning of a story that hasn't been written.  

covering their faces, well that's another story altogether.

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