off the grid

i'm heading off at the crack of dawn to commune with good old mother nature herself.  tom will be holding down the fort, or barn rather: the store goings-on, the cats and ducks included, for which we are much indebted.  we'll be making a long list of itemized duties chores and tasks, under the headings "store" "cats" and "ducks", and a flow chart in case of emergency or confusion...because we're those kind of people, the neurotic about our animals kind.  since i'll be off the grid for a couple, you'll have to be patient with my virtual absence and lack of blog entries.  when i return, my blog will come handwritten, painted by the light of an oil lamp perhaps.  oh how romantic.  i'll fill you in with all the details: how many fish james catches, wildlife sightings, and weather, plus whatever artwork i can muster, all this and more on wednesday.  until then, adieu! 

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