roll with it

i did my painting yesterday during the four and a half hour ferry wait for orcas island.  due to high traffic, caused by some father-daughter retreat at camp orkila not-to-mention the first sunny weekend of spring, we missed our boat, even though we arrived over an hour early.  we made the best of it, though, the boys joking all the while in that way best friends do, privately heckling the passerby, making a sport of people watching, and making me wish i was recording their ridiculous antics for some future radio broadcast.  we welcomed the chance to get out of town together, if only for a moment, trying to reacquaint ourselves with that long gone stranger called the open road.  so after hours of trying not to go idly insane, and by the skin of our teeth, we barely caught the next ferry, nervously arriving at doe bay an hour-and-a-half late for our scheduled gig with the band at the cafe.  we threw our gear up in a flash and played a subdued set to a small group of friends, them plus some tired i just worked all day restaurant staff and the dwindling clientele of the restaurant.  feeling silly and a little out of place, a scruffy and dirty rock band in a high end dining establishment, we were frazzled.  the whole thing was awkward at best, our dear friends making up for it with their sweet patience and generous compliments.  i think this is the most expensive show we've ever played, we said, ferry toll plus gas plus dinner adding up quickly to triple digits, thankful for our band fund consisting of forty dollars in a mason jar .  it's funny, how sometimes what you picture in your mind often doesn't turn out the way you imagined. tired, we quickly retreated to our complimentary cabin, a stark cold dingy and poorly decorated  little abode,with clean sheets though, and a real mattress. i tried in vain to post my blog on a tiny smartphone, no reception in the sweet smelling deer filled woods, fruit bats swirling in the glow of the porch light.  we passed around what dribble was left of allan's tequila and made impromptu art of the moment, joking, laughing, smiling.  because that's what friends are for.

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