mashed potatoes

i got some strappy platform shoes at the thrift store yesterday.  because i have platform nostalgia.  yes, i used to be undaunted when it came to tall shoes.  but after a few lifestyle changes, which involved spending a lot more time on my feet, a few bouts with super sore heels, and wavering bravery when i came to bold fashion choices, i'm not so much the platform-wearing material anymore.  today, i tried on those new shoes on with trouser socks, jeans, a bulky sweater and a wide brimmed hat, waltzing awkwardly around the room for practice.  not exactly the picture of fashion, but fun nonetheless.  i felt just like a little girl all over again, reminded of all those times spent trying on mom's off-white strappy wedding heels in the walk-in closet, playing dress up in the tiny turquoise satin gown that once was my immigrant grandmother's.  that love for everything fancy, especially shoes, extended into to high school.  back then, i was a girly girl lots of the time.  mud puddles, mole holes and rocky roads weren't an issue.  back in those days, i had no problem sporting some gawd-awful 4inch wooden platform sandals and a short dress.  with youth and a little mascara on my side, i'm sure it was quite a sight.  these days, i don't find many excuses to wear a fancy heel, or fancy anything for that matter; mostly, round these parts, it's all about practicality: cowboy boots, wellies, sneakers clogs or moccasins. which the tomboy in me don't mind at all. hell, i've even been known to heckle some too-high heel wearers out the car window on a wild night. but these new platforms of mine, stable as an old wooden dory, might just make a guest appearance this weekend. and if i trip and fall on my face, don't laugh.  i'm just a big girl posing as a little girl, trying on some fancy grownup lady's shoes, all over again.

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  1. Don't forget the Punky Brewster multi-colored high tops!