found photo and glitter

found photo and ash

found photo, pepper and salt

i'm one of those artists who will never tire of making art.  i have, however, grown knuckle-dragging tired of painting watercolors every day.  it was bound to happen, some time or another. so after about 270 days straight of painting painting painting these very technical and tedious paintings of what i see,  i deemed it okay and very necessary to take a momentary hiatus.  that way, i could give my old left brain a rest, dive further into the right brain and give that old muscle of mine some balanced exercise.  it's truly amazing how relaxed i feel with a bottle of glue and some glitter in my midst.
these disappearing people are an exploration of death, afterlife, grief, body language, and the symbolic connotations inherent in the different mediums i choose to cover the faces with.  it's also just another wacky experiment...we'll see where this can go.

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