i'm a painter.  but i make lots of other things too.  these things, strange conglomerations of ideas and collections, often stay in my personal collection, and never get see the bright tungsten lights or the gallery walls.  because let's face it: in my personal opinion, people are more likely to buy a painting of something they literally recognize than spend money on some abstract notion of art.  as a self-employed artist interested in paying my bills at the very least, sometimes it's a tossup: how do i make work with soul and still scratch that proverbial itch of concept and self-expression?  for my one-a-day project, by painting repetitively in a classical still life format, i have taken the mundane objects of daily use, recognizable objects of western culture, and elevated them.  that's it folks: there's my concept.  but sometimes, even that's not enough for me to feel satiated.  because i know, deep inside, art can be therapeutic if done the right way.   so today, i did it, i refused to paint, and in a last-minute frenzied preparation for a group show that hangs tomorrow, i spent the entire day doing everything but painting.  yes, i drew, i folded paper, i stitched, i typed, i appliqued, i glittered, mixing tears with the steam from my hot iron.  and as a result, i made an entire new small body of work in five short hours.

1206 cornwall ave:::bellingham, wa
opens this friday:::6-9


  1. i think you may be underestimating what people will buy... i really like this piece, a lot! are you going to show us more?

  2. thanks candice...this one didn't make the cut but i'll post photos of the rest of the work after the opening!