11" x  17"
reserved for exhibit

well, folks, it's official: tonight i'm two hours late posting my painting and it's officially tomorrow.  i did the painting yesterday, but yesterday slipped away and now it's today. seeing that i didn't make the rules here, i'm feeling justified in bending them.  so today, this morning at 1:48, i'm writing about yesterday, which was a bit of a whirlwind.  chores, the laundry and the vacuumin, framing paintings and making food, doing this here art piece, and then driving up chuckanut to go and see some live music in the eveningtime: it all amounted to more than a full day and it just had to spill over into the next.  sometimes that's just how it rolls.  it was well worth it: this hillbilly girl has to hit the town now and again, or she'll go mad.

the best part about this painting is that when i showed it to james, he said, "wow, you're good at painting OSB."  if you weren't aware, OSB is a particle board made with wood chips and formaldehyde glue.  it's inexpensive, and toxic, used in most cheaply done common construction, often used to board up buildings (like the ones you see here, which once existed in northeast portland but were bulldozed and exist no longer). the notion that i could render such a thing effectively is pretty satisfying. 

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  1. Oh crap, is that what's on the side of my greenhouse? Boo! Hope the show was great!