reserved for g. conklin

i'm okay with failure. i swear i am. i know it's inherent to the learning process. but, really, i'm just not willing to settle there. today, i tried something new, and it was a total train wreck. i ended up with the kind of result that is so embarrassing, i won't post it. i will tuck it away for good, and it shall never again see the light of day. when i showed it to james, he just said, "hmm." in that expressionless way that means "nope, not your best work". not good, not good at all. what it was: kind of like something you would paint on your trapper keeper in middle school if you were really into sci-fi novels or d&d. that's all i can say. so i did what i do best: i started over, and kept going. and here is the result.



    Okay, I don't know what it is about me, but I just can't help but think that what you describe above is a good thing.