to glean

collection of n. bouscher

i don't really know what to say about today. it was off in the way that some days are. the only reprieve was hanging out with my delightfully pregnant friend annalee. there is something about being around her that makes me feel so at ease. maybe it's the magic of being in the company of that third sensitive creature living in her belly, my new friend just waiting to emerge. or maybe it's just sweet annalee, and how long i've known her, and how being in her presence feels effortless. it's funny: meeting someone over the line and cooking cheek to cheek with someone at a breakfast diner, with the heat and the sweat and the broken yolks and the crispy bacon, the pressure and demands of the ravenous customers out there, well, it's so strangely intimate. we've been close ever since. and somehow, today as we were picking apples off of the dewy grass, i wished we could just be there forever, peacefully gleaning what the wind blew down from a forgotten orchard that some hopeful homesteader planted for food. oh how i live for precious moments such as these.

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  1. All the feelings are/were mutual today. What a treat to escape with you for the quick moments in the sun. I feel the same ease around you, and it is, I think, because of all those years and the unnecessary need for explanation in our lives because we just know what has come before. More to come, as we will now have a little person to share these lives with, and how lucky he is to have such strong women in his life who appreciate the dailiness of life. Love you! ~Annalee and Baby Enzo