white light

6" x  8"
reserved for w. canepa

stark white, it's a deceiver.  in the words of thiebaud, "...white both absorbs light and reflects light, it's composed of all colors..."  conversely, in the words of renoir: "...no shadow is black.  it always has a color.  nature knows only colors."  human vision, well, it's not always an honest storyteller either.  "human eyes are rarely, if ever stationary....halation is a consequence of the imperfect binocular vision of the human eye in which two images merge but never exactly," (k. tsujimoto).  basically, what that means is: as an artist, you have to play detective.  most of your time is spent observing, trying to find the truth in what you see, pushing back the curtain of automatic tendencies of the psyche, searching for the soulful, unadulterated truth. 

this evening, upon choosing a drab grey burned out light bulb as my painting subject--for simplicity's sake--i actually found an incredibly daunting task in front of me. so: it's eleven at night and i'm exhausted, i'm looking at this here grey lightbulb, squinting hard (like the way you squint to see if your christmas tree lights are evenly spaced).  trying to really see, somewhere in there goddamnit, a rainbow of fruit flavors.  voila!  it's a cotton-pickin miracle.


  1. I didn't have a computer for a while and was thus tuned out for, like, ten of your recent paintings. Consuming this body of work in spurts like this makes me feel so many things - not the least of which is envy. Your dedication is staggering and your eye ... insightful. It make me feel like a punk and a clumsy logger who keeps cutting off his thumbs. Envy. White Light makes me envy the light in the space where you painted it, the hand who made the bulb, the room it once illuminated, the future ideas it represents and the object that now exists because you took the time to make it art. Did I ever tell you that my favorite word is "inspiration" - a thing infused with spirit - a sense of being filled with spirit. It is my favorite word and my favorite thing. Thanks.