8" x  10"

last night, while making soup for dinner, i peeked out the kitchen window to see the most unreal beautiful sunset.  the clouds were deep purple above a sliver of the brightest golden of oranges, with tufts of neon pink splashed and splayed across the sky with a painter's confidence. it was the kind of sunset that could only be seen in person; to paint that kind of color would never look authentic.  i was drawn outside to the gravel lot by the slough to give that sunset a moment of my undivided attention.   because nature is a gift, and nature deserves it.

today is just the kind of day i live for.  quiet, with the sun shining through my studio windows, gently warming max the cat snuggled tight in his tiny wicker basket... soft and sentimental country music on the radio, banjo and guitar lulling this girl to into a soft rhythm of productivity, i have this overwhelming feeling:  life is good.

john prine: paradise

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